The language of visual storytelling

We understand that a seamless renovation experience is what our busy clients expect and we strive to provide professional customised service backed up with industry experience,  knowhow and sound processes”.   KCandy&Co. Interiors is a full service interior design studio for existing residential projects located both in Auckland’s fringe suburbs and also to clients nationwide.

We are often asked, “what is your style?”, The truth is it’s not about us.  It is our role to unearth your style by asking all the right questions and taking the time to discover your hidden design aesthetic.  We then tell your story through our creation, resulting in an authentic design unique to you.


Hi I’m Karen

I was raised at Muriwai Beach on Auckland’s wild west coast and have a special place in my heart for Auckland’s west coast.  A creative at heart, I grew up ‘free range’ , building bush huts, surfing and exploring.  My professional career began in graphic design followed by 17 years specialising in the energy efficiency and renovation of older homes. This experience allowed me to develop an understanding of existing house construction and how to incorporate key aspects into a home to transform it in to a healthy warm quiet sanctuary.

I completed a diploma of Interior Design from New Zealand’s Interior Design Institute in 2016 and launched my own business at that time, quickly establishing a reputation for offering a professional design service, exceptional client communication and for delivering beautifully designed interiors. Specialising in renovations, alterations and additions, I work with clients, their architects and builders and from the concept-to-completion of a project.


“We love designing homes that tell your story.   Building from the old to create the new.

Listening to the voice of a home and re-inventing that  vocabulary to write a stylish new chapter”