Interior designer & home renovation specialist

Interior designer Auckland

specialist in the renovation of villas & bungalows in central Auckland homes

Whether you’re building an extension or renovating a villa or bungalow you’ll want to create a look and feel that will last for years to come.  A look that seamlessly incorporates the old yet celebrates the new.  KCandy & Co Interiors is a full service interior design studio specialising in the renovation of character homes in Auckland City’s fringe suburbs.  Servicing residential clients, architects and builders. Offerings vary from colour consultancy and home refresh packages through to fully designed interiors.  KCandy&Co’s designs are just as diverse as their clients.  Accommodating a broad and encompassing range of residential interior solutions.  We Understand each client has a unique set of circumstances, and we guide our clients expertly through their design journey.  The result is a modern character home that is well thought through, and tells the owner’s story.

Tailored design solutions that capture your unique personality

All our design packages are customisable and can be tailored to suit your exact needs. If you are unsure about what you do need, we can help with that too.  We’ll take the time to review your wish list, prioritise your tasks and maximise your budget for the best result.  Our goal is to take the scariness and stress away from the seemingly endless array of decisions that need to be made so you can concentrate on the outcome you’ve envisioned.  The result will be a home that is your sanctuary amongst the busyness of life, one you love to spend time in and one you can feel proud of.


The first step is to talk to us

Like the look of what we do?  Here’s how to get started.  You can meet in person or chat via phone, email or messenger, whichever way suits you, it’s great to take the first step.

Renovating can be easy… when you have expert on your side

You don’t need to struggle along on your own,  we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes.  Delegate that pressure to us.  Here’s a list of things we do really well that we can take care of . . .


Curtains, sheers and blind design, supply and install

Interior and exterior colour schemes

Interior refresh – Editing what you have and adding extra touches

Feature lighting design and specification

Rugs and accessories including bedroom linen

Furniture and upholstery fabric selection

Spatial Planning – Making sure all your furniture fits, and the room has good flow

Custom furniture, cabinetry and storage design and supply

It’s all about you 

We are often asked, “What is our style”? The truth is, it’s not about us.  It’s all about you!   Our role as the expert is to unearth your individual style by asking all the right questions and then guiding you through each stage of the design process in a stress-free, organised way.

By listening to your needs and understanding your way of living, we’ll clarify your vision and curate a look you’ve so often dreamed of.  Editing your spaces and incorporating pieces of furniture, art and collectables that are meaningful to you, and blending them seamlessly into your home in a cohesive and visually appealing way.  The result will be a modern villa that is uniquely, stylishly, and distinctly you.

“Karen just got it! She provided us with a colour scheme for our renovation plans. We love them, so does everyone else.

Thanks Karen!”

Anna-Marie Staples

“She listened well to our wishes and had very good suggestions for us to consider.”

Frances Goulter

“Karen has an excellent eye for detail and a real flair for all things creative.”

Allan Buchan

Why choose us?

Hands on knowledge and understanding of the methodology of villa construction

We are relatable, and have a down to earth approach

We work with reputable hand-picked tradespeople and local artisans

Our approach to design aesthetics is holistic whilst maintaining an eye for detail

We break the design process down into understandable digestible stages to make the process enjoyable and as stress free as possible for you

We have extensive experience in the area of existing home energy efficiency

Karen is a professionally trained colour consultant