1 – The eclectic home

The art of combining the old with the new to create an eclectic home

Our lives, living styles and experiences are by their very nature eclectic, so why wouldn’t our homes reflect that? I often receive design enquiries from potential clients, and before they have even engaged my design services they are apologising when explaining their home and circumstances to me. “Oh it’s a bit of a mess’, they say. “We have our stuff, then some of my parents’ furniture.” It’s all a bit eclectic I’m afraid. I don’t seem to have a style as such”.

I’m always fascinated by this admission. Why or how could eclectic be something to be embarrassed about. People have lives, busy lives. They collect all manner of things, that’s what makes their house a home. It’s a sanctuary filled with memories and experiences, children’s artworks, Nana’s dresser and their Father’s collectables, all blended together with items they’ve collected themselves from their travels and adventures. Books, trinkets, art, all of which evoke a memory of that long passed experience.

You should never apologise for having things that are dear to you. Your home does not have to be a page straight from House & Home magazine. Yes, those homes are beautiful. But remember, you only see what the camera wants you to see.  It may seem intimidating or even downright impossible, but with expert guidance, a keen eye for scale and composition, along with a little item editing, blending the old and the new together isn’t as hard as you may first think.


Designers expertly combine the eclectic and the traditional with the modern resulting in one harmonious and considered result


If you could choose just one room to transform today, which room would it be?

Designers know how to harness the power of interior composition to create surroundings that are a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle.  Designers expertly combine the traditional with the modern resulting in one harmonious and considered result.  Often, just by rearranging a room, adding a few new key pieces of furniture or simplifying the colour palette and adding more light, we can transform your environment and bring a new perspective to the space.  Intriguing modern furnishings are a welcome breath of fresh air in a space that has become complacent in its appearance.  The juxtaposition of the old and new draws you in. There’s a sense of intrigue, one that says. “Someone really interesting lives here”.

If you could choose just one room to transform today, one room you could wave a magic wand in to transform it into something breathtaking, which room would it be?  Why would you choose that particular space?  Is there something about it that’s been bugging you for ages?  It may be an impractical layout, or poor lighting.  Is it that it lacks storage and ends up collecting clutter so you shut the door because you can’t bear looking in there every time you walk past?  Take heart, you’re not alone, the reason this paragraph resonates with you is because most people have rooms like this! Trust me. I’ve seen them.


Art Nouveau dresser partnered with vintage Japanese prints and country foliage cushion


Just because it seems overwhelming to change, or you’re not sure where to begin.  Doesn’t mean it needs to be hard. With the right guidance and understanding I’ll have your most disliked space transformed into your favourite room in the house, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to act.

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Karen Candy is an Auckland based interior designer specialising in renovations, alterations and additions, Karen works with clients, their architects, builders and trades.  With an understanding that the design process can be overwhelming for her clients, she prides herself on being able to deliver practical understandable advice in a relatable way that takes the ‘scary’ out of choosing interior design selections for her clients.