2 – Is it worth the money? Engaging the services of an interior designer…


If you are thinking that using an interior designer is only for other people,  I encourage you to enquire and explore the possibility.

Is it worth the money, engaging the services of an interior designer?  This may be a question you’ve asked yourself when considering upcoming renovation budgeting and plans.  I’m here to tell you that YES designers absolutely are worth your money!  There are loads of benefits in utilising the expertise of a designer that will save you both time and money in the long term.

If you are thinking that using an interior designer is for other people, and maybe it’s not even worth enquiring then I encourage you to explore the possibility.   The reality is that designers have special buying powers with their wholesale suppliers, this means they can pass fantastic savings on to you. Designers also know the best solutions for each space and ensure that whatever is specified is fit for purpose. This is especially important for the longevity of furniture and fabrics in busy households and sunny locations in the home.  Designers also apply the philosophy of buy once, buy right. 

Case study  Recently I completed a colour consultation for a customer who arrived to me via the Dulux NZ colour professional referral program.  She had spent hours visiting paint stores and collected a stack of colour chip cards, which only resulted in colour choice overwhelm there we simply too many great options!  In frustration, she sought my professional guidance. Interestingly, once we had chosen the colours and the house had been painted, she seemed to overcome her fear of seeking professional paid design advice, engaging me to select numerous other furnishings for her.  It was as though her appetite had been whetted for design changes. Her enthusiasm was contagious and our conversations focused on other projects she wanted to tackle.  Curiously, I asked her what her biggest mind block was around not utilising the services of an interior design professional until now?  Her answer was earnest. She said “I didn’t think I could afford one”.  I can understand where her thinking was coming from. You see, Kiwi’s by their very nature, are pretty darn good at trying their hand to most things.  We pride ourselves on our DIY No.8 wire ingenuity.  However, the flip side of this mindset is that the best we can hope for is only ever a modestly okay result.  The value of using a professional in any given field is that the results are, well…. Professional.



Having an interior designer by your side when making style decisions enables you to pinpoint your personal design aesthetic.  It prevents you from making costly design mistakes, saving you money in the long run. It also brings a sense of enjoyment to the home improvement process. Removing the stresses of decision overwhelm and uncertainty.  It unlocks access to secret designer only trade showrooms you never knew existed and allows your access to products and trade service professionals you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to dial in to.  Designers have special buying powers with their wholesale suppliers and can pass this value on to their clients.

Most of all… And this benefit is priceless, it increases the living enjoyment factor of your home for years to come.  Great spatial flow, excellent storage solutions, and a place for all things and all occupants brings a real sense of being.  It’s something intangible.  Something precious.   It’s Balance.



The long term benefits of using a designer far out ways the short term hurt of paying for good quality furniture and professional guidance. Quality and sound advice will stand the test of time.  And clever design allows for subtle seasonal design upgrades.  Rooms continue to be inviting whilst the key pieces of furniture remain the same.  So all you have to do are mini refreshes, from time to time by adding the odd accessory.

The end design result is so much more than the tangible,  it’s a feeling.  The process is one of excitement and anticipation thinking about what is unfolding, and the outcome is so much more than you could ever have imagined. 

If this is something that resonates with you, an elusive dream you’ve been seeking, here’s a link to my calendar.  Book a time, let’s discuss your home design goals here

Karen Candy is an Auckland based interior designer specialising in renovations, alterations and additions, Karen works with clients, their architects, builders and trades.  With an understanding that the design process can be overwhelming for her clients, she prides herself on being able to deliver practical understandable advice in a relatable way that takes the ‘scary’ out of choosing interior design selections for her clients.